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This is politics; the idea is not to be nice
to your opponents but to beat them - at any cost
- just like the real thing!

Types and uses of Bill Cards

There are two types of Bill Cards - Portfolio Cards and and Strategy Cards. These are awarded when a question is answered correctly or on a 'chance' opportunity. They remain face side up in front of the player so all other players can see what you hold in your 'hand'.

Strategy Cards

Professor Richard Clever

Use this card on your turn to gain a 'free' answer to a question along with a 'free' Bill Card. It can be used anywhere on the board. Star Recruits CANNOT use this card but they may trade it.

Point of Order

Players do not have to wait for their turn to use this card. It may be used from the Backbench or Frontbench to block another player from taking their turn.

Senate Blocks Bill

Players do not have to wait for their turn to use this card. It may be used from the Backbench or Frontbench to block a Minister from presenting an Act.

No Confidence Motion

On your turn use this card to take two Bill Cards from the Minister of your choice. This card can be used from anywhere in the Chamber against a player on the Frontbench.

Factional Deal

A player can use this card on their turn to take a Bill Card from a player of their choice.

Unparliamentary Behaviour

A player can use this card on their turn from anywhere in the Chamber to eject a Minister of their choice from the Frontbench. The chosen Minister will be demoted to the Backbench where they will visit either Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott.

On the Backbench this player cannot participate other than to throw the dice on their turn to get back to the Frontbench. They may not answer questions, use strategy cards or participate in any game activities until their return to the Frontbench. During this time, other players can use their strategy cards against these players.

The Rat Card

There are two Rat Cards in the game. Players can use the Rat Card immediately, or keep for use or trade on a later turn. Beware! This is a very valuable card and everyone will want to steal it. If someone else is in a better position than you, it is a good idea to use the Rat on them. Look at their position on the board and check if their cards are better than your own. Choose your target carefully. But don’t forget politics is a dirty business especially if you turn rat.

The Rat

In politics the word Rat refers to a person who deserts their party to join another, leaves their party to become an Independent or colludes with another party for their own personal gain. Since Federation there have been many politicians branded with this unflattering title by their colleagues.

When a player lands on the Rat seat or picks up a Rat card they may target another player and force them to comply to all of the following:
a. Swap position in the Chamber with you
b. Swap political party and
c. Swap all Bill Cards

The Rat can alter the fortunes of players from high flying MPs to vanquished has-beens or from underdog to top dog.

The Rat Seat

Players landing on the Rat seat must use the Rat on that turn. If a player decides notto be a Rat (because it does not strategically suit them) they are rewarded by moving forward one space, taking the Question Without Notice on that turn.

Portfolio Cards

There are 8 different portfolios. Collect three of a kind to create an 'Act' that is then presented to Parliament when on the Front Bench.

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